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Audio file conversion with afconvert (mac)

I was looking for a simple and elegant way to convert a high amount of audio files from one format (.caf) to another (.aif). The solution i found is a very elegant one and also comes included with your operating system – if using a MAC.

And now here is the most amazing part. It is super easy to execute the conversion of multiple files by just one command line.

or to run through subdirectories:

or with recursion by using find:

Key linear PCM format
LE Little Endian
BE Big Endian
F Floating point
I Integer
UI Unsigned integer
8/16/24/32/64 Number of bits

Number of bits Information Size
8 256
16 65536
24 16777216
32 4294967296
64 18446744073709551616

Audio file and data formats: data_formats:
‚3gpp‘ = 3GP Audio (.3gp) ‚Qclp‘ ‚aac ‚ ‚aace‘ ‚aach‘ ‚aacl‘ ‚aacp‘ ’samr‘
‚3gp2‘ = 3GPP-2 Audio (.3g2) Qclp‘ ‚aac ‚ ‚aace‘ ‚aach‘ ‚aacl‘ ‚aacp‘ ’samr‘
‚adts‘ = AAC ADTS (.aac, .adts) ‚aac ‚ ‚aach‘ ‚aacp‘
‚ac-3‘ = AC3 (.ac3) ‚ac-3‘
‚AIFC‘ = AIFC (.aifc, .aiff, .aif) I8 BEI16 BEI24 BEI32 BEF32 BEF64 UI8 ‚ulaw‘ ‚alaw‘ ‚MAC3‘ ‚MAC6‘ ‚ima4‘ ‚QDMC‘ ‚QDM2‘ ‚Qclp‘ ‚agsm‘
‚AIFF‘ = AIFF (.aiff, .aif) I8 BEI16 BEI24 BEI32
‚amrf‘ = AMR (.amr) ’samr‘
‚m4af‘ = Apple MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a, .m4r) ‚aac ‚ ‚aace‘ ‚aach‘ ‚aacl‘ ‚aacp‘ ‚alac‘
‚caff‘ = CAF (.caf) ‚.mp1‘ ‚.mp2‘ ‚.mp3‘ ‚QDM2‘ ‚QDMC‘ ‚Qclp‘ ‚Qclq‘ ‚aac ‚ ‚aace‘ ‚aach‘ ‚aacl‘ ‚aacp‘ ‚alac‘ ‚alaw‘ ‚dvi8‘ ‚ilbc‘ ‚ima4‘ I8 BEI16 BEI24 BEI32 BEF32 BEF64 LEI16 LEI24 LEI32 LEF32 LEF64 ‚ms\x00\x02‘ ‚ms\x00\x11‘ ‚ms\x001‘ ‚paac‘ ’samr‘ ‚ulaw‘
‚MPG1‘ = MPEG Layer 1 (.mp1, .mpeg, .mpa) ‚.mp1‘
‚MPG2‘ = MPEG Layer 2 (.mp2, .mpeg, .mpa) ‚.mp2‘
‚MPG3‘ = MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3, .mpeg, .mpa) ‚.mp3‘
‚mp4f‘ = MPEG-4 Audio (.mp4) data_formats: ‚aac ‚ ‚aace‘ ‚aach‘ ‚aacl‘ ‚aacp‘
‚NeXT‘ = NeXT/Sun (.snd, .au) I8 BEI16 BEI24 BEI32 BEF32 BEF64 ‚ulaw‘
‚Sd2f‘ = Sound Designer II (.sd2) I8 BEI16 BEI24 BEI32
‚WAVE‘ = WAVE (.wav) UI8 LEI16 LEI24 LEI32 LEF32 LEF64 ‚ulaw‘ ‚alaw‘