(Sound) Engineering

Martin provides services for the Media/Event industry. Mainly focussing on Event (Sound) Engineering & Design, Live/Studio Production & Recording, (Sound) System Operations, … If you have questions about services or booking, feel free to leave a reply or drop Martin a mail: office@martinstoppacher.com

Services (Corporate, Music, Theater, Touring, …):

  • (Sound) Engineering
  • Mixing (FOH/Monitor/Studio)
  • (Live) Recording
  • Wireless Systems
  • Sound Design – FreeSound, SoundCloud
  • System Measurement / Tuning
  • System Engineering

In addition:

  • Project Development / Design
  • CAD Construction / Design
  • Consulting / Teaching

Featured Posts

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My Sounds (Freesound.org)

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Preferred Equipment:

Prefered Equpment MST

Prefered Equpment MST

Prefered Equipment MST Music

Prefered Equipment MST Music

Martin provides his services through his sole proprietorship (STM – Mediaproductions):




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