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Solving a polynomial function with R

I found this equation in some textbook.
Then i asked myself if there is an easy way to solve this with R.
Of course, there is.





An easy and free way to add a master EQ/FX/… to your OSX System – and include correction curves for your Headphones

An easy and free way to add a master EQ/FX/… to your OSX System.  This can also be used to include correction curves for your Headphones.

Lets say we want to correct the curve of a pair of Sennheiser HD-25 Plus Headphones.

Therefore we use the AutoEQ web application. This shows the correction curve for the headphones as well as values for a variety of different equalizer applications. For Apple/OSX systems it is convenient to use the AUNBandEq as it already comes with the system.

The AUNBandEq can easily be included into the main/master signal chain by using Apple AU-Lab in combination with the Soundflower Application. (Links below) And thats it. Now you have a master EQ for your complete System.

AU Lab:


“MacOS system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower works on macOS Catalina.”

Calculating simple portfolio statistics with R